Numerical Machining Complex is an ISO 9001:2015 certified engineering firm incorporated under the Companies Act as a limited liability company for the purposes of manufacturing motor vehicles, vehicle spare parts and metal-based engineering products. We offer mechanical and engineering services to the agricultural, industrial and automotive sectors in the East Africa market. Our workshops are equipped with Computer Controlled (CNC) machines, a foundry with a modern disamatic sand-moulding machine, heat treatment and computer-aided design.

Empowering Businesses Through Innovation

With the change from a research-based institution to a commercial enterprise the company has systematically built its name locally as a market leader in provision of high precision industrial and automotive parts. Mavuno water pumps (right) and Interlocking Brick Makers (below) from NMC are some of the machines that have helped the local businessman improve their operational efficiencies.

Why Work With Us ?

The Company aims at becoming the regional market leader in steel production, and manufacture of high quality machinery, machine tools and components through employing appropriate state of the art technology and highly skilled manpower.

We are proud to serve our markets with expertise and integrity for the prosperity of the East African market and its people. We extend our gratitude to all our partners and clients.


We aim to be a regional leader in steel production, engineering design and development of machinery and components.

What Client Say ?

I usually use the Mavuno water pump for watering my cows and goats in Ngong. And it suits my needs so far.

Mohamed Osman


Hi, I am Peter Ndungu from Thika. At first, I noticed that the Mavuno water pump was consuming too much fuel but after adjusting the accelerator the consumption became less. With full acceleration, the water pump consumes only 10 litres of petrol in a day.

Peter Ndungu


I am a farmer from Siaya and the Mavuno water pump as served me very well, in irrigating my tomatoes. I could not be happier with the product.

Elisha Jakoyo


I use the Mavuno Water Pump during the dry season in Kericho and it works perfectly well. I had been using it for four months and I noticed that my plantain yield has been steady.

David Koskei


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