Foundry services

Our foundry is a highly  equipped foundry in Kenya, divided into Five (5) sections  which are;

1. Pattern/tooling shop

2. Ferrous section

3. Non-ferrous section

4. Core shop

5. Laboratory

On the ferrous side we, do both the cast iron alloys and the steel alloys, up to five (5)  tonne single casting very easily.

We have two cupolas capable of three tonnes per hour each, and a one tone per hour two pot induction furnace, coupled with a high-pressure moulding machine capable of producing four hundred (400) mould per hour.

On the non-ferrous section, a single casting of two hundred kilograms is possible for both aluminium alloys and copper-based alloys.

Our lab is equipped with many mechanical testing pieces of equipment among which is a mass spectrometer, thus we are able to give world class casting, comparable with the best of the world.