NMC has installed a UMC-750 5-axis milling machine to strengthen its production capacity and meet customer expectations. The machine will enhance manufacturing of complex spare parts with variable geometry.

By making cuts at any angle with no difference in diameter or shape, the 5-axis milling machine improves accuracy and repeatability up to ten times over other machines. The machine offers greater accuracy when machining deeper parts and hardened materials, and offers higher yields and faster machining speeds.

5-axis machining is an effective means to reduce setups and increase accuracy for multi-sided and complex parts.

The 5-axis machine relies on a tool that moves in five different directions — X, Y, and Z, as well as A and B, around which the tool rotates. Using a 5-axis CNC machine lets operators approach a part from all directions in a single operation, eliminating the need to manually reposition the workpiece between operations. 5-axis CNC machining saves time and is ideal for creating complex and precise parts like those found in the medical, oil and gas, and aerospace industries.

The UMC-750 has an integrated dual-axis trunnion table with a 500 mm diameter platter that features standard T-slots and a precision pilot bore for fixturing versatility. The trunnion provides +120 and -35 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation to provide excellent tool clearance and large part capacity.

The installation of this new machine will compliment other machines and equipment that were recently procured and installed to enhance NMC’s capacity.

The other machines include a digital automated hot pressing hydraulic machine for manufacturing of composite railway brake blocks and a High precision 2000 Watts CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine to support mass fabrication.